Kuta Beach | The Paradise of Bali

Kuta is administratively a district (kecamatan) and subdistrict/village (kelurahan) in southern Bali, Indonesia. A former fishing village, it was one of the first towns on Bali to see substantial tourist development, and as a beach resort remains one of Indonesia's major tourist destinations. It is known internationally for its long sandy beach, varied accommodation, many restaurants and bars, and many renowned surfers who visit from Australia. It is located near Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport.
Kuta was the site of the October 12, 2002 1st Bali bombing (202 killed) and the October 1, 2005 2nd Bali bombing (26 killed).
The Balinese Provincial Government have taken the view that the preservation of the Balinese culture, natural resources and wildlife are of primary importance in the development of the island. To this end they have limited tourist development to the peninsula on the extreme southern aspect of the island; Kuta beach is on the western side of this peninsula and Sanur is on the east.

Once a sleepy village with a quiet, beautiful sweep of beach, Kuta today has become a popular beach destination in its own right, alive with tourists from all over the world, swimming, surfing or sunbathing by the beach. Others, casually dressed in shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops stroll along its main road, shopping around or enjoying meals at its many open air restaurants. When in Kuta you know that you are in a holiday town, and people here are in a holiday mood. 
Back in the 1960’s the only hotel was the Kuta Beach Hotel, but soon without much planning, Kuta developed rapidly into a haunt for surfers and backpackers, while the high end market preferred to stay at the more sedate Sanur village on the opposite side of the peninsula. 
With time, Kuta’s popularity grew, and shops, restaurants, discos hotels, - from the simple to the exclusive - sprang up along the main road from Kuta to Legian, catering to the ever increasing holiday crowd, that not only included international tourists but also domestic visitors from Jakarta and other big cities.
On the beach, people enjoy parasailing, banana boat trips or swimming Women offer traditional Indonesian massage on the beach, others are seen plaiting hair.
Before sunset, crowds rush to the beach waiting to watch Kuta’s legendary sunsets. Then as darkness falls, Kuta’s nightlife starts to throb with loud music from bars and restaurants, while shops stay open till late at night. Kuta’s main attraction is that everyone can enjoy the town without any prescribed dress code.
Many famous international bands and celebrities have voluntarily played and sung here enlivening the fun, dance and music scene of Kuta.


For those of you who enjoy sunbathing on the beach, Kuta is the most convenient place for it. Although the visitors quite crowded, but winds from the Pacific Ocean brehembus directly combined with the warmth of the sun in between the sound of the waves, giving the feel of the tropical atmosphere is very enjoyable. You can also sunbathe with a massage by the masseuse who offers his services there are many.

You who like a challenge and like to get wet with sea water? You try to surf. If you are not good at surfing, surfer, surfer many that offer short courses for the beginner surfer.

Swim at the beach

The waves were rather big. Watch for signs of where you should not swim. Although there Balawista officer, you should remain alert and pay attention to signs posted where you can swim and prohibited.

Water sports

Such as parasailing and paragliding, enjoying the Sunset. Here also are available as well with other facilities such as:
Temporary Tattoo. Like to decorate your body? Here the center temporary tattoos. A wide selection of motifs can be painted on your body. Guaranteed to be safe from AIDS and bertaham up to several weeks.


Kuta is the center artshop. Along the way you will find various art shop that offers a variety of souvenirs, clothing and other goods. Kuta is also famous for shopping or a place where shopping is fun and frenetic nightlife.

Clubbing and nightlife

If you like nightlife, Kuta Bali is its center. You can try a few places that have been known as Double Six, Kamasutra, Coup, Living Room, Hard Rock and dozens of other places.

Culinary Tour

For those of you who want to dine afternoon or evening with the sunset, is a cheap alternative at Kuta Beach Food Court. There are a variety of cuisines archipelago and some foreign cuisine. Various types of restaurants at affordable prices to five-star prices can be found here.

The most crowded time at Kuta beach area is in the evening or during sunset (sunset). All of whether foreign or local tourists come together here. Moreover, there are special moments in the country such as school holidays.

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