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In Indonesia was found many historic ancient heritage spreaded around the island. There are many variety of the heritage like buildings (temple, etc), statues, inscriptions, etc.. But this time I only tell you about the sanskrit language inscription.

Mulawarman Inscription (Kutai)

Mulawarman Inscription, also called Kutai inscription, is an inscription which is a relic of the Kutai Kingdom. There are seven Yupa containing inscriptions, but only 4 were successfully read and translated. It uses letters Pallawa Pre-Nagari, in Sanskrit. Estimated from the shape and type, it's from about 400 M. The inscription is written in anustub poetry.
Found in Kutai, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Kebon Kopi Inscription (Bogor)

The inscription was found in Muara Kebonkopi Village, Hilir Cibungbulang, Bogor district. Something that interesting about this inscription is the painting of elephant footprints, which equated to an Airawata footprints, the elephant who god Whisnu ridden.

Tugu Inscription (Bekasi)

Tugu Inscription comes from Tarumanegara Kingdom. The inscription describes about excavation of Candrabaga river by Rajadirajaguru and Gomati river by Purnawarman in year 22 of his (Purnawarman) reign. It aims to prevent natural disasters such as floods are common in wet season and drought in the dry.

Ciaruteun Inscription (Bogor)

Ciaruteun inscription or Ciampea was found in Ciarunteun riverside, close to Cisadane outfall, Bogor. The inscription is heritage of Tarumanegara Kingdom.

Muara Cianten or Pasir Muara Inscription (Bogor)

Muara Cianten or Pasir Muara Inscription is heritage of Tarumanegara Kingdom.

Pasir Awi Inscription (Bogor)

Pasir Awi inscription located on the southern slope of the Pasir Awi hill (± 559m asl) in the Cipamingkis hilly forest area , Sukamakmur village, Jonggol subdistrict, Bogor regency precisely the coordinates 0 ° 10'37, 29 "BB (from Jakarta) and 6 ° 32 '27.57 ". Being in the peak height of the hills, with standing position facing towards the north-east. It is located on the steep side which gives a wide view of the ​​hills and valleys area below. Specifically, if we stand just above the footprints, we feel quite relaxed standing position and without fear despite being on the steep side.

Tuk Mas Inscription (Center Java)

Tuk Mas Inscription (literally means "golden spring") is a stone inscription found in the western slopes of Mount Merapi, exactly in the hamlet Dakawu, Lebak Village, District Grabag, Magelang. Mas Tuk Pallava inscriptions and texts carved in Sanskrit. Form letters are younger than age Purnawarman script, and is estimated to come from about the 6th century until the 7th century.

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